The awesome song just loves this man’s exceptional voice. Have the Roy Orbison signature shirt, but I would love to have it on vinyl. I have the CD and DVD of this amazing show. It’s a must-have for any fan of Roy Orbison. Sometimes when filming they using both B&W and also a color film and I wonder if its a color version of the concert in the vaults. Easily the best live concert ever. This is really great on DVD love it very much. What a great show this was. I got the CD/DVD a few months back. The performance of Leah from this show is worth the price alone. A brilliant singer and an incredible voice.

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I have watched this so many times on PBS. Love Roy Orbison signature shirt. Get in got the original first pressing of this on vinyl, but will be getting this. I always enjoy seeing this when I see it on PBS everything was perfect when it first debuted on Cinemax or HBO. I have this on vinyl and CD. I dream of you into my arms kissing me deeply and whispering I love you. Roy Orbison simply the greatest pop singer ever there will never be anyone to touch him ever again. In Dreams the greatest pop record ever. The original 1963 version only. Listen to it.



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