To cut a very long story short, the next day she had me arrested for arson with intent. Luckily I’d had the foresight to pick up her fire burned things with gloves so my fingerprints wouldn’t be on them. She put some other burned things in the bin at the same time, claiming they were burnt because she’d had to rescue herself somehow and pick them up from the floor where they’d fallen or where she left them. All this happened at a time when I was at the jobcentre for an interview. This is important because she gave the time it happened to the police. Therefore I had a perfectly provable alibi.

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As I was getting dressed, I noticed John (not real name) that in a Chinese funeral, no one is supposed to wear red or pink because it is considered a “happy” color. If one was to wear that color, it is like dancing on the deceased’s grave. He was wearing a black shirt and a PINK tie. He looked like a f’ing mobster. I told him that it was inappropriate to wear and why, but he refused to listen and went wearing it anyway. I wasn’t going to take any responsibility for his actions. When we went to the service, people noticed his tie. I was mortified. All my family were whispering about his attire, especially my mom, who was besides herself in grief and was livid that he was being disrespectful to our family. My mom said it was NOT about him, on this day when she would bury her beloved husband of 50 years of marriage.

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