Finally a music show with Sex drugs and volksmusik shirt Thanks, SWR. It’s unbelievable that we no longer have a music program. Switzerland, too, is not in the mood for music. Then we’ll stop watching German channels. Does not like a so-called usual hit, but Andy Borg but, above all, as a man and certainly because he was treated unfairly and has done so suddenly in the public service. Well, the toll was very nice and as you know him.nett humorous great moderator schöne Lieder you a day s beautiful as today. much success continues. A big thank you to Andy Borg for reviving folk music. It is sad that the ORF in Austria has set such a wonderful program without ifs and buts. Anyone can forget about this mess of music shows on TV anyway, what a pity about the stream. Keep up the good work and send a big thank you to the SWR for making such a nice music show with Andy Borg.

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Star Sex drugs and volksmusik shirt, what he takes in his hands, is well in the end, certainly, he aims well over the eyes and grain and his voice is at the front and we have long been clear: He is just wonderful. Well, that’s just thoughts, but his courage is boundless, once a few pious just took it from us, and that almost took our pangs, but he soon got up again. And like the candles for Christmas in no time, all hearts are flying to him.

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