India and Pakistan is the Snoopy and Woodstock Happy Thanksgiving shirt Also,I will get this best example anybody can take to understand the madness. When Pakistan was in india before independence, people used to consider the whole area as india and the so called patriots used to love the whole of india. Now when Pakistan is not part of India, the same people fight with each other and hate the area. Somebody has become an enemy, just because he is on the other side of the line? Thats insane. Do not restrict your patriotism to one country. Extent it. What if there are no countries. Am sure there will be no national song, no nothing. Just humanity and people are allowed to travel freely around. The more boundary you create, the more security and fencing you have to manage.  Patriotism is just a beautiful name given to a way to spread hatred among humanity. Its an inverted way of saying i do not love other countries. Psychopaths can’t feel anything because they are unable to process emotion and empathy, and without these basic human emotions, they most likely do not care about their family members and only live with them to have a good life, they’ll lie and say “What? Of Course i care for you all! You are my everything!” some psychopaths can even say that with a straight face since they can’t process guilt and fear, so psychopaths can make others believe that they do have emotions, but the only proof to show that somebody is a psychopath is to see what is deep inside of them. You might think it’s similar to the prehistoric homo erectus guys but that isn’t the case, since us in the past, did care for their family and ancestors and they brought food for the village to nourish themselves and the whole family as one. They shared things among themselves and they lived a pretty simple life of eat, fuck and sleep. Psychopaths will mostly act on his lizard brain that we all have, the part of our brain that is used for empathy and emotions are simply not there in a psychopath. And because of that, the lizard brain will be more dominant and you know what that means right? Yea. Psychopaths are basically humans with a brain of a snake with allot more intelligence in mind. They only do things if it will benefit themselves and that’s all they care about.. Is themselves.

Snoopy and Woodstock Happy Thanksgiving shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

So at the Snoopy and Woodstock Happy Thanksgiving shirt Also,I will get this end of the day. A psychopath parent, child, grandparent.. They would live a normal family life, but they wouldn’t know what it feels to have feelings, so logically a psychopath would not care about their family members, and they will only lie and live to benefit off of others for their own good. A psychopathic parent would not teach his son what feelings are, and because of that, the kid will most likely become a bully as he doesn’t know that some of his actions causes pain on others. So to answer your question simply. A psychopath Can’t feel empathy nor remorse. Being bold, disinhibited and egotistical. Means that they wouldn’t care. And so. Would a psychopath care about their family members? Edit I’d like to also mention that the true definition of a psychopath for who i am describing is a person with an antisocial personality disorder, it basically involves the brain, where there are certain parts of the brain that aren’t functioning like they are supposed to, or that it’s just not there. So here is an example of a comparison of the average human brain, compared to one that has antisocial personality disorder: The cure to this condition is currently unknown. And the reason for it happening is also unknown, i have a theory that it involves in being permanently traumatized, like World War for example. Where your body adapts to the situation to prioritize survival. Which made soldiers pretty adept at killing after a while of being subject in constant fear for your life. There has also been some speculation that most people, especially nobles back in the medieval ages had antisocial personality disorder. Reading some of their books and diaries shows some signs of inhumane decisions towards other people, only seeing the profit they will gain in the end. I thought i’d mention this since people might mistake others for being a psychopath because they simply didn’t “cry enough” in the funeral for their mother. Since acting that way is more of a personality in itself, some people just doesn’t want to mourn and just wants to forget about the sad event. Not wanting to think about it any longer, since you can’t do anything else to save her, since she is dead. As for the people who have the necessary and common personality of mourning over your mother is normal, since it is this tragic moment in your life that you will never forget, you wished that she would stay alive a while longer to be with a while longer, it is normal to burst into tears. But it doesn’t mean that your sister next to you doesn’t care because she didn’t shed any tears.



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