So says you lol. There are no holidays in health-care. But I wouldn’t have Snoopy no one fights alone shirt any other way love my job Happy Labor Day. Thank you for your service in caring for others. You are valued and needed. Have a wonderful day and may God Bless. Pet sitters too are working. We are always working especially holidays. That’s right Snoopy! A day of rest. Unfortunately Snoopy I work till. I wish! Working for the mouse when I’d rather be home with the dog where life is Grand. I love any image Snoopy comes in. Im working. Hospitals never close. We work on weekends too! Love Snoopy.

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Snoopy no one fights alone shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Snoopy no one fights alone Sweater


Snoopy no one fights alone Tank top

Tank top

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You can thank the Labor Movement for that one, Snoopy no one fights alone shirt. Today it is my birthday. Elyse Weiner Happy birthday! Tomorrow is my birthday. September is a great month to be born so happy bday and have a happy new year. Thanks to all the meteorologists that are working hard at saving lives and property in the path of Hurricane Dorian. Would be nice if Snoopy explained this day off. Sad day for me as I am not with the 4 lovely children that I care for. For Snoopy, perhaps. But I must labor today. Same here Snoopy. Nice day for a swim and a pasta bake.

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    I will come back and buy it

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