I’d rather text and become a South side serpents shirt this is our new rule. Checking my phone all night. I’d get into a deep ass text conversation quick. Damn ain’t that same shirt. Lemme get this straight I can text and stuff on my phone and people will have to make me drink?? I’m game. Txt can wait I dont like txt or talking period anyway so keep the shots coming. Justin would go broke and we’d all die. We’d go through so many bottles. Doesn’t even seem fair. Well, I would be drunk you’re always on your phone. Forgot my phone at home so buy me a bottle. I like this rule you phone junkie lol.

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This would be a good South side serpents shirt. Awesome concept. This sounds like something you would make us do for being on our phones lol. Yes, you get a shot. You get a shot. Everyone gets a shot. Or you could just not try to force people to drink. Fuck you do you pay my phone bill? My exact response as I send my text and pay for just my own shot. Motherfuckas. Going to be a bunch of wasted people out there. Yeah, this doesn’t fly when you have kids at a babysitter. Have the one you text with you and just have a good time then there’s no need for the phone anyways.

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    wow wow wow shirt

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