Ah, the good old days of Stranger dungeons Stranger dragons shirt when I was a kid. I recently found my old stuff. TSR’s nonlicensed version of Elric and Stormbringer. Man, I miss Trapper Keepers. I had that campaign. That sword is Black Razor. Great quest. Not everybody has the privilege! My 13-year-old daughter laughed her ass off when they were talking about the mind flayer and I proceeded to open to that exact page in my ancient Monster Manual and show it to her. Same here! My 15-year-old had the same reaction, and I similarly schooled her!

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Stranger dungeons Stranger dragons shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Stranger dungeons Stranger dragons Sweater


Stranger dungeons Stranger dragons Tank top

Tank top

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She doesn’t think I’m any cooler now which I have to report align exactly with the Stranger dungeons Stranger dragons shirt of the girls in 1981-1983 but I’m considering her mildly interested Hmm! as some sort of small victory. Thank you Stranger Things! Careful with that Elric image. TSR never got permissions for the Melnibonean Mythos! Is that sword in the thumbnail supposed to be Blackrazor? White plume mountain! Home of Wave, Whelm, and Black Razor. Reach ye far and search ye near, you’ll find no trace of the three unless following instructions clear for the secret abides with me or something close to that.


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