I thought Mike’s mom was going to have an orgasm while standing at the Stranger Things Friends shirt. This will always make me happy. Actually my favourite meme from now on hahaha. I now understand this reference. I am not giving any spoilers Nope. Billy and Steve need to screw, there is so much sexual tension between those two for fuck’s sake. Come on Duffer brothers, make it happen. But I have the best mother. PS aren’t you so happy we can share these now that I’m caught up? Purposely went on a stranger things memes page just to find this. Read all the comments too. This made me laugh out loud lol.

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Stranger Things Friends shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Stranger Things Friends Sweater


Stranger Things Friends Tank top

Tank top

Best Stranger Things Friends shirt

I just looked through every post on this Stranger Things Friends shirt! I’m so glad you made it pop up on my feed! I think I’ve tagged you in this already but I don’t care. Steve needs to get to a dojo and learn how to fight for cripes sake. Steve is actually all of them. Henriksen look at this strong mama! Watch stranger things after gossip girl. Hope you had a great last day buddy. This isn’t goodbye. Just a see you later. We must have the watch party soon so we can understand this lol. If you watch the show you’d find this funny. He will never get a break from the babysitting memes hahaha.


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