I didn’t know I missed stranger things so much until I watched this Stranger Things Madmax shirt and was satiated by just the music and the title card. To people complaining about how long this is taking to release, do a google search for final fantasy 7 remake and let’s talk haha. All the people complaining about how long it’s taking, take a seat. I’d rather have a good season than some shitty put together one! I’m fine with waiting longer between seasons if it means getting quality entertainment that is trying to gouge me for money and ad revenue. They’re done the filming, please give us a release date and a real trailer soon!

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Stranger Things Madmax shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Stranger Things Madmax Sweater


Stranger Things Madmax Tank top

Tank top

Best Stranger Things Madmax shirt

This is going to be interesting because the cast has would be teenagers by Stranger Things Madmax shirt. Please don’t take too long. The kids are gonna be grown up soon. I don’t want them to grow up yet. This makes me even more anxious, wonder what Will and his friends will face this time. This is pretty much the only reason why I’m keeping my Netflix subscription after they canceled a whole bunch of Marvel TV series. I’m stoked but if we get a season 4 the cast is going to be in their early 30s with kids.


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