It’s the last stranger things tag I promise but not really. Now, this I can watch by myself with Stranger Things the Pollywog shirt! This was great! Nice job. Be a cock blocker then get eaten by an alien and rot in the upside down. Nobody gave a shit about barb when she went missing lol. Enough of this Barb talk. Have we forgotten who the real, unsung hero is? This book would be filled with excellent advice! Except how NOT to get taken to another dimension by some fucked up monster and having parasites implanted in you. I don’t remember wearing glasses when I was this age. But my mind is not what it was for remembering! What I would do is have a Morgan and Coke with a squeeze of lime and relax. She would tell us to grab our hockey sticks that what Barb Holland would say!! LOL and anyone else that went to RGS!

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Stranger Things the Pollywog shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Stranger Things the Pollywog Sweater


Stranger Things the Pollywog Tank top

Tank top

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By the way, if you have not seen this series Stranger Things the Pollywog shirt! I feel sorry for barb! She was looking out for her friend. Nancy was too busy bumping uglies to notice her friend was outside upset, bleeding to death and being eaten by a Demogorgon! Mates before dates. The thing that pissed me off was that Nancy made her come then told her to leave as soon as she had better things to do. But the fact that there was a known missing person case still unsolved in the area and Nancy told her to walk a block back to her car in the dark alone is a total bitch move. Nancy didn’t even care barb cut herself. I get she was caught up in the moment but a good friend would have made sure she got to get car safe at least.


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