Stranger things are the best Stranger Things team Steve shirt. Hope they play all the 80s music again. Already have my hotel booked waiting for tickets for pass holders. I knew they were going to do this again I cant wait!! It was great last year. What do you think? Is another Stranger Thing’s house really necessary? I guess I haven’t seen the show, but it feels like it’s been done and I’m over it. This house wasn’t even remotely scary the first time. Hard pass. I think I need a season pass. Stranger Things haunted house back and better. This was the lamest one last year! The only ones that were good were the houses that WERENT based off movies. HHN is losing the appeal.

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Stranger Things team Steve shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Stranger Things team Steve Sweater


Stranger Things team Steve Tank top

Tank top

Best Stranger Things team Steve shirt

The house last year wasn’t scary. Didn’t like it at all, how about Stranger Things team Steve shirt. Don’t even go to Halloween horror nights! It’s too expensive. Look up the haunted lair in Palm Bay Florida. We’re $14 and we’re a nonprofit organization who supports the veterans transition resource center and children’s hunger in communities. Our lines ARE NEVER long, takes about 10 mins to go thru the house. And there’s more than 1 theme there’s numerous monster. I really want to go again hopefully the houses will be better and we should invest in the fast pass lol.

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