Best Superman kneel before Jesus shirt to date, shame they never used Lois seeing superman running as a plot point for her later in the film, instead, she was just another 70s damsel, R.I.P Margot Kidder, still an amazing film. Christopher Reeve will always be the best superman but every generation will have a Superman of there own. I was 13 years old ive seen this movie my imagination so strong I felt im superman while watching specialy when he flies that awesome. I love this movie unforgettable. The Best Superman the movie. Best superman in my opinion. I’ve been watching this movie a hundred time and still love it.

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Superman kneel before Jesus shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Superman kneel before Jesus Sweater


Superman kneel before Jesus Tank top

Tank top

Best Superman kneel before Jesus shirt

That was the original Lois Lane with the young Lois Lane. Best Superman kneel before Jesus shirt. 90s Superman I’ve watched it back then it is kinder new and interesting. Funny thing is Lois looks older than Clark later on in the movie and I thought Lois was older than Lana Lang and wasn’t she Lois lanes cousin or something? Wait so Lois lane was a child when Superman was nearly an adult? My Grandmother went to that school in the background. Filmed in Barons Alberta Canada. Without CGI this is still captivating

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