For every person whose parents can pay for Teacher pencil ttg cliff shirt, or who have friends who can do a Go Fund Me like this, there are several others who either suffer or die. If we all agree that it’s wonderful when people get the care they need, why don’t we all agree that health care is a basic human need, and let’s fund it? We pay more money per capita than any other country for health care. Is it really so important for insurance companies to sponsor pro sports teams? Is it really a benefit to society to have insurance.

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Nobody gets denied medical treatment in the Teacher pencil ttg cliff shirt, not even illegal aliens. Please explain why you have not started a charity that provides free healthcare for all. Someone has to ultimately pay the bill and clearly you want others, not yourself to do it. We already know that Medicare works and that its cost increases have been far lower than through private insurance. We already pay taxes there is no reason why we can’t redistribute some of that money to make sure more children like I was losing their parents to curable diseases.



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