Love that amid all the crap you take on a daily basis, you still retain your sense of Trump a fine president 2020 shirt. Would that you could get the Democrats to do the same. Have a sense of humor that is, we know that they are still going to give you crap. Pretty amazing the mayor of the most well known, most exciting city in the USA, had ZERO support for his presidential campaign. How did he ever get elected to be mayor? My sympathies to New Yorkers, Napoleon is returning. That was so funny! I am so glad we have a president with a sense of humor. Oh well, NYC, you still have AOC. He won’t get enough votes to keep his couch to nap on. New York had enough of.

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I believe Trump a fine president 2020 shirt will make me great also according to his will as he promised.for the small must fall before the great, as God is great. Love your sense of humor, Mr. President, even while you are continually under attack by the media and Deep State, you still push through. This post has brought clean water and electricity in my village. You’re right we are devastated he’s coming home! Better home than DC though! And I think you mean shockingly Mr. President.

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