Thanks a lot for sharing Van Gogh let it gogh shirt. I sure enjoy looking at his work. There are strength and movement in this painting it’s a delight. The greatness of van Gogh. A mind-blowing palette, rendering a perfectly captured Envisioning of a human event. Masterful at using Light and Color, Warm and Cool, to invite the eye of the Viewer into His World of Perspective. This isn’t very accurate vis a vis Millet’s print. I reckon Vincent did copy it faithfully in the drawing phase, but when it came to actually paint it, it took on a life of its own! Totally van Gogh in the end.

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There is no man on the picture Van Gogh let it gogh shirt the trees in the background there is only the painters’ personality. The finest painter of all times. At the museum in Amsterdam, it says he did these while in the mental institution. He couldn’t get a model, so they let him have some art books to copy from. Strong the face/head confuses me somewhat frightening; especially with the cleaver like implement in his hand.

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