Nice use of Vape come and take it shirt. Sorry to ruin this but its 100% shopped. You missed out on an opportunity to say sorry to burst your bubble. This wouldn’t have happened if the lake had a gun. Why are all the top comments going on about the water? Are you all idiots? The Fukushima power plant has been shitting hundreds of tons of nuclear waste into the ocean for the better part of a decade and we’re worried about a few vape bubbles? Some people are actually disturbed. Let’s get the water dirty with cool tricks, so worth to destroy nature.

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Thanks for ruing the lake ecosystem, bro! It is nice Vape come and take it shirt, but can you do it on your pool and not on a lake? It’s just recolored digitally, the smoke is white. Note the unnatural glow around the smoke and the odd fade. Just After Effects and a color mask/blend mode. I really need everyone who believes that this water vapor from a VAPORIZER is killing the environment, to go to their bathroom and pour themselves a tall glass of bleach. That’s great for the water. Everyone who’s saying that this is destroying the environment should check out insides of the sewers we’re so eagerly throwing into the rivers as well as what comes out of waste processing plants

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  1. Gongcha Team

    Ordered a t-shirt for my son. Fantastic choice of colours available for the shirts and designs and it arrived quickly – will definitely use Streetshirts again!

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