This is heartbreaking. If you think that the convenience of a The Warriors baseball furies shirt, then I guess you can carry on as usual. If you think it’s too high a price, buy paper straws they’re really cute or go without. Why didn’t they tranquilize the poor turtle? Obviously he was bleeding and in severe pain. How would they like to have something that had been in their nose for probably years just yanked out? I will never use one of those again. Thanks for taking care of him and your point well taken was there a reason not to give mild sedative for what was obviously a painful and traumatic procedure?

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It is so much more than The Warriors baseball furies shirt. We worry about landfill but give so little thought to the waste in our oceans and the damage it causes. I really think if you continue doing this great you’ll be awarded very important international prizes, soon. That poor turtle! The pain he went through and the wonderful people that came to his rescue to get that plastic out of his nose. We are killing the life in our oceans, polluting our air and destroying our forests. Please be responsible and pack out what you packed in at the beach.

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