The new Henry III grew to be a man, but not a very strong king. Fortunately for the Weed green lungs shirts and by the same token and family, though not for the Welsh, Scots, or Jews, his son, Edward, was one of the kick-assiest medieval princes/kings there were. As the king’s son, he successfully put down a real threat to his father’s crown, then as King Edward I, ramped up the power. In turn, his son, Edward II was weak. The luck here was Edward II’s queen was one tough cookie, who removed her husband from the throne and secured it for their son, Edward III. This is the king where all the medieval chivalry stuff comes from. Also, once he came of age, he made sure his mother and her lover paid the price. The next hundred years were cousins fighting over the crown. As part of this familial fighting, a little known descendant of William, his 11-x-Great-grandson ended the cousin wars in battle. The first Tudor king, Henry VII. Henry’s daughter Margaret Tudor married into the Scottish ruling Stewart family by marrying James IV, King of Scots, so that when the Tudor line ended, the Stewarts assumed the English throne with James I (VI of Scotland). This Hanoverian branch of the family held the throne until 1901, when Victoria died. Victoria’s husband, Albert, was a German too, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. Their son, Edward VII, wasn’t king very long. About 9 years. But he did help initiate the Entente Cordial, which led to the alliances that won the two world wars. Despite surviving the anti-monarchist movements in Europe, the monarchy was proving to be stale. First Edward VII, then his son, George V (William’s 25-x-great-grandson, still in it!), changed that. More adaptation. Pomp and circumstance! The people loved it. They reinvigorated and reinvented the monarchy for a modern world and it stuck. Sometimes, though, even the best efforts begin to wear thin. The post-WWII world was very different than the early 20th Century. Though George V’s son, George VI, was popular, as was his daughter, the current Queen (William’s 27-x-great-granddaughter), there were some perceived anachronisms in the new world. In the early 1950s, the new Queen’s husband, Prince Philip took on a new role – He went to work at modernising everything. More adaptation. From modernising the palaces, getting rid of old fashioned activities (he would even cook his own meals), focusing on public engagements and charities, he made the monarchy relevant again.

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After being driven out of Shantiniketan, Indira became lonely as her father was busy with politics and her mother was dieing of tuberculosis in Switzerland. Playing with her loneliness, Feroze Khan, the Weed green lungs shirts and by the same token and son of a grocer named Nawab Khan who supplied wines to Motilal Nehru’s household in Allahabad, was able to draw close to her. The then Governor of Maharashtra, Dr. Shriprakash, warned Nehru that Indira was having an illicit relation with Feroze Khan. Feroze Khan had gone to England and he was quite sympathetic to Indira. Soon enough she changed her religion, became a Muslim woman and married Feroze Khan in a London mosque. Indira Priyadarshini Nehru changed her name to Maimuna Begum. Her mother Kamala Nehru was totally against that marriage. Nehru was not happy either as converting to Islam jeopardized her political prospects of eventually becoming Prime Minister. Nehru asked the young man Feroze Khan to change his surname from Khan to Gandhi. It had nothing to do with a change of religion from Islam to Hinduism. It was just a case of a change of name by an affidavit. And so Feroze Khan became Feroze Gandhi, though it is an inconsistent name like Bismillah Sarma. Both changed their names to fool the public of India. When they returned to India, a mock vedic marriage was instituted for public consumption. Thus, Indira and her descendants got the famous name of Gandhi. Both of her names, Nehru and Gandhi, are famous names. As a chameleon changes its colour, this dynasty have been changing their names to hide their real identity. Indira Gandhi had two sons, namely Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. Sanjay was originally named as Sanjiv that rhymed with Rajiv, his elder brother’s name. Sanjiv was arrested by the British police for a car theft in the UK and his passport was seized. On Indira Gandhi’s direction, the then Indian Ambassador to UK, Krishna Menon, misusing his power, changed his name to Sanjay and procured a new passport. Thus Sanjiv Gandhi came to be known as Sanjay Gandhi. Interestingly, Sanjay Gandhi’s marriage with the “Sikh” girl Menaka took place in Mohammad Yunus’ house in New Delhi. Apparently Yunus was unhappy with the marriage as he wanted to get him married with a Muslim girl of his choice. It was Mohammad Yunus who cried the most when Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash. In Yunus’ book, “Persons, Passions & Politics” one can discover that baby Sanjay was circumcised following Islamic custom.



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