Gal Gadot is amazing with Wonder woman social worker shirt and she really stole the show in BVS, but wonder woman vs regular guys? I mean what kind of contest is that? Unless there ends up being something superpowered at the end. Just saw the movie. Wonder Woman wasn’t just another cookie-cutter superhero film. It was more about Greek mythology. DC took the time to tell a great story with humor and great characters. The film deserves all of the great reviews. Why did they change that? It makes her manhating into ungrateful nonsense!

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Zeus cheated on Hera with Wonder woman social worker shirt and named one of the resulting kids after her. No wonder there was manhating on Themesceria with Hera. With Zeus as WW’s creator, he has a redeeming quality. Makes no sense. I myself wondering what is a movie but false thinking that is not real nor ever will be. Movies these days have too many computer graphics and is beyond not even possible. This woman s not part of Gods trinity. It was based on heathen gods.


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