I would expect to be drunk on free drinks, Zero hits given 9.01.2019 shirt. Lol at the I’d rather text then become an alcoholic Comments. What are you 16? Drinking responsibly does not make you a drunk. When I’m chilling with friends my phone is muted. I’m there to have a great time. You can send texts when you’re alone let us play next weekend. Alcohol is the cause of just about any problem you see in this world. The other is ignorance such as this post. Let’s make everyone do idiotic things like takes more shots and blow more money that’ll solve all your problems.

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Zero hits given 9.01.2019 shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Zero hits given 9.01.2019 Hoodie


Zero hits given 9.01.2019 Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Zero hits given 9.01.2019 Sweater


Best Zero hits given 9.01.2019 shirt

Meaning is in the Zero hits given 9.01.2019 shirt. Not act like an ass and go out to do the same thing you’ll be doing before bed. It will be there when you get back home. Any emergency can wait a couple of hours. Also, those of you so pissed off this is trying to make you an alcoholic the same thing can be played when you go out to eat. First to check pays the bill. Are they trying to make you fat? Maybe poor? Stop acting like a damn life coach just because you don’t drink.

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  1. Gongcha Team

    I really love it

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